What Does Your Deco Say About You?

  • Oct 24, 2018

Here are the brand personalities created and reinforced by the trendiest decoration methods.

Your brand has a story. You can tell your story in many ways, but in the end, you're trying to establish or reinforce to the outside world who you are as a company (or a charity, or an event). Every time you put your logo out there, you're saying "This is who we are. This is how we want you to think about us."

Don't underestimate the impact of little details on the overall building of your brand. For example, once you've selected a piece of apparel to put you name and logo on, you still have critical opportunities to impact how you're going to be perceived. One of those key details is decoration method – the physical way that your brand will be applied to, and appear on, the garment.

Each method has a distinct personality. We spotlight a few and reveal personalities they help create and reinforce.


By now, you've probably seen HXD on the fields and sidelines of pro sports and it's quickly becoming one of the trendiest looks in retail. If you're a tech company or a startup looking to make a bold statement, HXD delivers the goods. The method's exceptional detail and elevation from the surface of the garment creates an unrivaled wow-factor. It's vibe is definitely dynamic and exciting. 

HXD uses a patented manufacturing process to combine the best attributes of two methods: the surface interest and high perceived value of embroidery, and the unlimited color, incredible detail and location versatility of True Edge™ Transfer.


Looking for a retail fashion look? InFusion makes a bold statement but delivers a laid-back look that's right at home in resort gift shops, 5K giveaway bags or concert merchandise booths. It appeals to a younger audience - one that's concerned with the latest fashion trends.    

How does it work? Our exclusive inFusion method seamlessly melds your logo with the fabric, producing decoration that's undetectable to the touch. You get branding with brilliant color and razor-sharp detail that incredibly breathable.

Laser & Deboss



If you're looking for sophisticated and professional, deboss and laser decoration are up for the job. They're both synonymous with a refined, tone-on-tone look that's subtle, yet striking - perfect for the financial sector, or architecture and engineering firms. These methods don't scream "look at me" but they do say "I mean business."

To achieve a striking 3D appearance, deboss uses a die that's heat-pressed into the material. The result is a decoration with a high degree of detail, unlimited washability and true versatility because it can go on virtually any location on the garment. Laser, which involves a topical treatment, creates a smooth finish and a glossy look. And laser takes versatility a step further - it can even be placed over seams and zippers.

The Bottom Line

How you put your brand on a garment says a lot about you. Select a method that delivers the right message and reflects who you are. Contact us for detailed information on all of our methods.