Trending In 2019

  • Jan 16, 2019

Whether it’s a color, pattern, material or an innovative function, product trends represent something new – and nothing captures our attention like something new.

Using the same data and forecasts retailers do to project what’s next, we’re the first to bring you products that reflect this year’s biggest trends.

Here are the trends that are shaping our products:

Trend 1: The Power of Popular Brands 

When you choose a gift from a brand with a known reputation for quality construction, you're getting more than simply a well-built backpack. Choosing to give your sales team new Wenger or Thule bags as an annual appreciation gift, builds your credibility as an employer. Your team will, most likely, enjoy the gift even more because you went with Wenger, a brand with a higher perceived value.

Thule® Lithos 15" Computer Backpack 

Trend 2: Smart Home Technology 

Wifi smart home accessories, those devices that turn your phone into a remote control for your lighting, appliances and speakers, are among the hottest tech products on the market right now. Their surging retail popularity makes them prime candidates for promoting brands. A recent Adobe Analytics survey reported that 70% of respondents said they use their smart speakers to ask for music and 71% of respondents said they interact with their smart speaker every day. The trend is definitely too big to ignore.

Vale Wifi Speaker with Amazon Alexa

Trend 3: Wireless Charging Accessories 

More and more people are powering up their devices without plugging in. Now that all the major phone manufacturers are integrating wireless charging, you no longer need different cables for different phones. Why should you pay attention to this new technology? Wireless charging is growing fast. The global wireless charging market is expected to reach $37.2 billion by 2022, representing growth of 44.7% from 2016 (Allied Market Research).

Rustic Wireless Charging Pad

Trend 4: Sparkle and Shine

From bags and tech to fitness and accessories, reflective and shiny materials add an eye-catching glimmer that really showcases a brand. Products like sequined totes and iridescent drinkware are giving brands an opportunity to make a statement.

Iridescent Non-Woven Shopper Tote

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